The Environment

“The world is becoming more fragile as we continue to extract on its limited resources – increasing demand for fertile land to grow more food, more clean water for irrigation. At the same time, poorly managed farms are using these precious resources inefficiently, wastefully, through unguarded soil erosion or contamination through excessive application of synthetic chemical crop inputs.”

Farming with Climate Change

Climate Change is destroying the traditional cultivation approaches of the farmers. Those farmers who can adapt to this global change through their mitigation of cultivation practices and alleviation of the negative impacts may have a chance to survive, otherwise they will not.

We are already aware of the impacts of the climate change. We are confronted by this daily. Our noon days are now hotter and the rains fall harder. Thrips, anthracnose and other pest challenge us more savagely every day. Using larger amounts and more toxic pesticides to manage these problems only hurt our pockets and damage our crops.

We have learnt and understood the modalities of natural cultivation and organic cultivation systems, and we have adapted these knowledge in raising our plants and tending to our trees.

We bring this awareness to our growers because the farmers must have a commercially sustainable production in the midst of the devastation of climate change. We build these systems with the Carambola farmers.

GAP Policy

Good Agricultural Practice
GAP is a systematic pathway that identifies the critical control points of the production and establish compliance standards of varying degrees to eliminate hazards and prevent accidents in order to progressively promote a safe and hygienic fresh produce at the farm with the minimum negative impacts to the environment.

The good practices proposed in GAP are universally established science - based rationales and justifications. The close monitoring and specific control system provides assurances of safety to the consumers of GAP produce.

We have developed the K-Farm GAP QMS. This is the farm Quality Management System that our farmers work with to achieve a safe, efficient and profitable production. K-Farm Sdn Bhd is GlobalG.A.P. certified. We have earned this certification together with our contracted farmers.