Advance Warning System

Concept Note

Farming is a risky business. The elements that impact on the outcome of the crop are long and unpredictable. Floods, frost and droughts, pests and diseases, and market demands are classic headaches for the farmers. When all the elements work positively towards a bumper crop, the farmer fears a production glut and a disastrous price for the crop. What disaster beholds one farmer in one region (frost) is a boon for another in another place (increase demand due to the shortages). Even climate change is unpredictable. The continual increase in global temperature limits the production in cool climes but opens up cultivation areas in previously frosty grounds.

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Courses on Good Agriculture Practices (GAP)

Many farmers and agricultural practitioners all over the world have difficulty understanding and Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) standards that have been set by national authorities, international agencies, or retailers. Their first impression of GAP standards or GAP schemes is simply of prohibitions on many of their farm activities.

One of the Asian Productivity Organization (APO) key activities for agriculture is the promotion of GAP. The APO has produced the Manual for Good Agricultural Practices, with the compilation of selected works written by several resource persons who contributed to the APO's e-learning courses, workshops, and self-learning e-courses on GAP offered during 2010 - 2014. This publication is useful to GAP practitioners, producers, agricultural extension workers, and professionals and help them to promote sustainable agricultural development practices.

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Pakistan Mango Promotion in Malaysia

The Pakistan Mango is undoubtedly one of the best fragrant mango in the world. The promotion of the special attributes of the Pakistan Mango require a different work package to disseminate the information to the customers. The characteristics of the various selected varieties of the Pakistan Mango are promoted, and why the Customers should choose the 'Pakistan Mango' brand.

The recent efforts of the Pakistan High Commission in Kuala Lumpur, in promoting the Pakistan Mango has attempted such approaches with their creative partners, Nerve Centre Sdn Bhd.

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