The Founder - Kit Chan

Vision Statement of K-Farm

K-Farm envisage a world where food choice is not a luxury for any consumer, where any farmer may continuously produce
a crop successfully and profitably, and where the greed of every man and woman is only for a healthier and happier life.

Setting a Mission for K-Farm

In enabling the Vision to take shape;

• K-Farm constantly pursue in achieving the best quality and safe food products
• Building better and sustainable value chains of the food products with the farmers
• And ensuring that the customers are always confident and satisfied with our efforts

Our community . Our Farm

“The real secret of our success is that we are like one extended family doing the job with conviction and we are doing it together”

We spend quality time with our farmers. We meet over a cup of tea or have a meal together. We listen to their frustrations in dealing with the pests and the weather. Other times, we exchange our life stories, share our ideas and putting the ideas to work. Back in the farms, we develop ‘field schools’ with them, train them in the correct methods of cultivation, to recognize pest and diseases, and to apply fertilizers in the most economic and effective manner.