Why do farmers pursue farming in the first place?

• They might have inherited the land identified for farming only, or
• They might have inherited the business from the elders, or
• They might have believed that the agrifood business is profitable

We started with the 1st Generation of farmers some 30 years ago. Many of those farmers have gotten too old to work and some have departed on a different journey. Most of the 2nd Generation farmers we work with now, have some basic formal education. But many of their children have gone to universities and done better.

We encourage these young people to contribute their expertise in their parents’ farm work. We have a young engineer graduate and he has helped design the irrigation system for his father’s farm and those of the neighbors.

We have another who is a polymer science expert and she tirelessly try to explain to the father the mechanics of actions of how pesticides work. There is another farmer’s daughter who is now designing a Mobile Application to monitor the impacts of climate change on the farms and how the weather conditions affect the pests’ life cycle and their infestation behavior.

The future generation of farmers will be better farmers. And while we share our field experiences with them, we will bring in their new technology and ideas into practical applications to the farmers in this community.