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We are Tropical Fruit and Vegetable Development People in Malaysia. We are aware of farmers all over the country have had a difficult ride in their struggle with Mother-Nature and to confront the market. Both fronts seem to be invincible and have colluded to punish the farmers by taking turns. Praying may have help ease the pains of a failed crop, but the application of the right production techniques would better ensure that the crop survive the onslaught of pests and disease, and the whims of the changing climate. The farmer who complained that the traders and the consumers could never appreciate his best grown fruit would need to reassess what quality is all about. It is like happiness – we are never satisfied, but the pursuit is the happiest part of the game. So, what does this Tropical Fruit and Vegetable Development Company do?
First, we have an idea what consumers want and what the market is not providing them. We then go seek out farmers who are willing and committed to work with us to fill the gaps in the supply to the market. Together with these farmers we produce the best quality produce with the best agriculture practices. We provide these farmers with training of good agriculture knowledge and effective techniques to produce the fruit and vegetables that are wholesome, tasty, hygienic and safe to eat. Then we trade these fruits in the best market place, for the best price, time and time again. We supply our produce to the domestic supermarkets and the supermarkets in EU.

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We are environment conservatives. We have a commitment to control our farm production processes to ensure that they are environmentally sustainable. We ensure that the natural resources are used efficiently, and that the farmers and the packers do not add any more damage to the fragile ecosystem that we are left with in the present day. We are aware of the global environment deterioration and the impacts of the climate change on the trees and on our farmers. We are confronted by this daily. Our noon days now are hotter and the rains fall harder. Thrips are having a better feed on our fruits and Anthracnose make new patchwork designs on our vegetables. Using larger amounts and more toxic pesticides to solve the increasing pest and disease problems only hurt our pockets and damage our plants. We resort to going back-to-basic and the common sense approaches in raising the plants and tending to the trees. We learn to understand and work within the environment and the changing weather.


We support and promote GAP – Good Agriculture Practice. This is a system of agriculture farm practice that implement sustainable agricultural approaches such as integrated pest management, integrated crop management and conservation agriculture, notwithstanding assuring the basic tenets of growing a safe food product. We have developed the K-Farm GAP QMS. This is the farm Quality Management System that our farmers work with to achieve a safe, efficient and profitable production. We are GlobalGAP® accredited. We have earned this accreditation together with our contracted farmers.

And NO, we do not use child workers in our farms.