What does K Farm stand for?

The K-Farm logo is created from the 5 green shades of life. The leaves characterize the 5 pillars of our work:
Passion, people, purpose, perfection and perpetuity.

The company cares about everything we do: From our farmers who raise the Carambola growing from a single cell to full bloom creation, always mindful of the farm ecology and the environment, to our genuine concern that our buyers arefully gratified when they receive our Carambola, and we do this again and again for every harvest season.

We started as Carambola farmers

The company was rooted from the farms 30 years ago. Our children played and grew alongside these young fruit trees. We therefore are able to understand the toils farmers put into their farms - their frustrations when the whims of Mother -nature took a careless turn.

Today, we are Tropical Fruit Development Experts. We know what consumers want and what the market is not providing them. We also know that many farmers have difficulties in accessing the credible markets. We are able to reconnect all these missing linkages of the fruit supply chain.